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Украина, выборы: The Economist большая аналитическая статья - грустно..

Ukraine's election

Five years on in Kiev

The presidential election shows that the orange revolution is out of puff, no matter who eventually wins

All that enthusiasm has now turned to fatigue. Ukraine’s under-reformed economy teeters on the edge of national bankruptcy, the rule of law is elusive, courts remain corrupt and the parliament resembles a trading platform for business tycoons in which deals are made and seats bought and sold. In April 2005 some 53% of Ukrainians said their country was on the right track. Now 81% believe it is heading in the wrong direction. Ukraine lies 17th from bottom in the latest global index of economic freedom, below Russia and Belarus.

After 18 years of independence the biggest threat to Ukraine is its inability to govern itself. The election is tight, and the country can ill afford another deadlock.

Jan 21st 2010 | KIEV AND KOLOMIYA
From The Economist print edition
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